Sunday, 15 July 2012

Rotary airlock valve manufacturer

Ricon Engineers is a leading and renowned Mechanical Engineers and Manufacturers of Pneumatic handling systems. Our comprehensive list range of products include Rotary Valve, Dust Collecting Systems, Pneumatic Conveying Systems and Knife Gate Valve etc. These machines are supplied to different industrial users and depending on the needs of the industrial applications they can be customized also.

 The company was established in the year 1981 as small manufacturing unit offering only one model of rotary feeders. Over the years we have been able to expand our business activities and horizon and now offer our clients with 15 different rotary feeders which serve and meet the specific applications. The different quality products offered by us are made in accordance to the global quality standards. The various products are competitively priced and can be supplied to various clients located in different regions of the Indian subcontinent.   


We offer a comprehensive range of products of more than 4,000 products which are used in service handling of different types of industrial material. This range from removal of fine dust removal of fine dust from cyclone separators, bag filters or other dust suppression equipment, to feeding granular or fine material into pneumatic conveying system, against pressure up to 1 kg/cm2. Our range of products includes:   

·         RotaryValve                                        
·         High Vacuum Pump
·         RootsBlower                                       
·         Centrifugal AirBlower
·         AxialFan                                              
·         Dust Collecting Systems                                     
·         Pneumatic Conveying Systems
·         Knife Gate Valve                                  
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